Community Reconciliation: Working creatively with division

All Day
Oct 20th 2016 ~ Oct 22nd 2016
Three-day intensive course, developed jointly by St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace and the University of Winchester, offering a grounding in how to devise a strategy for reconciliation in a divided community.
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The course is designed for people who are part of, or working with, a divided community – of any kind – and want to do something to improve the situation


The course does not promote a specific model of reconciliation, but rather aims to stimulate participants to explore how ideas and examples from a range of sources might be relevant to their particular situation.  The workshops will consist of a mixture of presentations on theory and practice, group exercises, discussion of case studies, role plays and individual reflection. The course puts emphasis on the value of Reflective Practice as a way of enhancing participants’ learning.  

We will work as a community of inquiry, drawing on participants’ experience and wisdom as a primary resource.


The course is spread over three days and will cover: 

  • The realities of division:  what creates and holds divisions in place, the role of leaders, the importance of social identities, and the ethics of reconciliation.
  • Managing dis/agreement:   dialogue, narrative, cultural and concrete strategies to create new conversations in divided communities
  • Constructing a different future:  identifying opportunities for stimulating cross-community contact, engaging divided parties, dealing with the past, and envisioning the future


Resource pack 

Participants will receive a comprehensive handbook containing all the reading materials necessary and copies of presentation and reference material in advance of the workshop.


Timings and practicalities

The course will run from 9am-4pm in the Nave at St Ethelburga's Centre over three days, Thursday 20th, Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd October. There will be breaks for refreshments during the days, and participants are asked to bring their own lunch with them. 


Work in advance of the course
Participants are encouraged to apply ideas from the workshop to a real-life situation of their choosing.  Participants are asked to think of a case study from their own context in advance. We will use these case studies as examples for the group to work on during the workshop. 

A good case study will involve a divided community of which you have some knowledge. A case study might be developing a hypothetical strategy or could involve determining how to evaluate a practical intervention in a real-life situation.  In the past participants have chosen a wide range of subjects from the Ferguson riots, to Sunni/Shia tensions in a shared mosque building, to how to manage challenging conversations in the church.  


Pre-course questionnaire

Participants will be sent a pre-course questionnaire in advance of the course, and will be invited to fill in their hopes for the training, and detail their motivations for joining and a small amount on their chosen case study. This will take a small amount of time to fill out, but will be helpful for the facilitators to tailor training to the needs of the group.


Price (including refreshments and course workbook) 

Organisational: £220

Individual: £170

Bursary places

There are a number of bursary places available for those who would be prevented from attending for financial reasons. Please contact angharad.thain@stethelburgas.org for more information. 



The course will be delivered by Justine Huxley, Director of St Ethelburga's, and Angharad Thain, Programme Coordinator, plus invited guests. 

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