March 24th 2019

Climate Justice and the Living Earth by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee



In this guest blog, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee reflects on Greta Thunberg’s ability to speak truth to power, and the need for activism to be rooted in a relationship with the sacred.   In recent weeks young people around the world have taken to the streets in their thousands, placards reading simple truths,…

September 22nd 2018

Guest blog by Bathsheba Wells Dion: The Right to Peace

Justine Huxley


Justine Huxley

If you asked someone to name some of the human rights, peace might not be very high up on the list. They might start with the physical necessities like food and water, intellectual well being such as education or freedom of expression, or maybe those relating to the more obvious results of conflict:…

June 25th 2018

Abundance and Communion: Sensory Pathways to Realising our Sacred Places



Impressions and Reflections from ‘Spiritual Ecology: Reviving a sacred and interconnected world’, residential workshop The Hermitage, Somerset, July 2018  By Emilie C. Parry Over a weekend in mid-May, time expanded just enough to give space for uncovering and realising the interBeing of a few humans with our wider ecologies and Earth System….