May 26th 2022

Celebrating Nowruz


Seetha Tan

Seetha Tan reflects on St Ethelburga’s 2022 Nowruz celebrations by considering the relationship between crisis and renewal, displacement and re-rooting and the importance of celebration and collaboration. As a festival that commemorates the beginning of Spring, rebirth and regeneration, this piece reflects on the displacement of the Afghan community and…

November 19th 2021

Food, migration and the taste of memory


Seetha Tan

St Ethelburga's nave, participants eat together.

Seetha Tan writes about her experience at Migrateful’s cookery class with Chef Awa. St Ethelburga’s Centre hosts Migrateful cookery classes twice a month, working with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers to share food cultures from across the world. Hibiscus tea and bay leaves, mackerel parcels and hot pepper soup, the…

September 27th 2021

Afghanistan: what can I do, how can I help?


Jo Winsloe

Earlier this month we invited Fahima Zaheen, Executive Director of Afghan Association Paiwand and Gulwali Passarlay, author and refugee rights activist to provide insight into their work with with newly arriving Afghans and the wider Afghan community. Alongside Fahima and Gulwali, Sumita Shah, a humanitarian consultant with wide experience of…

December 7th 2020

The Host



This guest blog is by Marwa Belghazi, a speaker at our upcoming event, Home: climate change, migration and our future.  Marwa is a Moroccan storyteller and multilingual practitioner based in the UK. She has been on the frontline of resettling refugees in various London boroughs and currently leads on the…