March 20th 2020

Ready or not: Deja vu, deep adaptation and the pandemic



Justine Huxley writes: “Yesterday, I found myself in Sainsbury’s with a friend and deep adaptation collaborator, having a powerful  moment of deja vu. As we walked along the rows of empty shelves, wondering if they would be replenished before our own cupboards ran bare, we were both having the weirdest…

May 29th 2019

Climate and conflict: Preparing for the storm


Justine Huxley

Dr Justine Huxley, CEO of St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation & Peace, reflects on deepening societal divisions, climate breakdown and conflict, highlighting the need to move beyond denial, and tailor our responses for the coming storm.    Over the last 6 months, the fractures in our world seem to be…

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