November 15th 2019

God as my Compass


Bathsheba Wells Dion

A blog by Jane Morton, Chaplains Coordinator at St Ethelburga’s. This is from a talk given at St Luke’s on 13th October, 2019. I want to float the thought of using God at the heart of my compass. In life. How might that work? In October, we celebrated St Ethelburga’s…

October 14th 2019

In the beating of a wing



St Ethelburga Stained Glass Window

This is a transcript of the address given by Rev. Dave Tomlinson at the St Ethelburga’s Feast Day celebration held on October 10th. In the early 1960s Edward Lorenz, a meteorologist, tried to understand why it is so hard to make accurate predictions about the weather. Crucially, he observed that…