November 15th 2019

God as my Compass


Bathsheba Wells Dion

A blog by Jane Morton, Chaplains Coordinator at St Ethelburga’s. This is from a talk given at St Luke’s on 13th October, 2019. I want to float the thought of using God at the heart of my compass. In life. How might that work? In October, we celebrated St Ethelburga’s…

August 23rd 2019

Radical Resilience and Refugees



Guest blog by Bruna Kadlez, Associate Fellow of St Ethelburga’s In the middle of 2012, the battles and bombs reached Aleppo, once Syria´s second largest city and the country´s economic centre. In that time, Myria Toukmaji was a senior student of Fine Arts at the University of Aleppo and a…