March 9th 2019

Out of the ashes of our lives…



A guest blog by Dave Tomlinson for our ASH WEDNESDAY service   Lent is a very ancient practice in the church created as a fast in preparation for Easter. In the early centuries of the church it lasted no more than a few days. It wasn’t until the fourth century…

November 8th 2018

St Ethelburga’s Feast Day

Jo Winsloe-Slater


Jo Winsloe

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Every year we throw open our doors to celebrate St Ethelburga’s Feast Day with friends and neighbours.  At this year’s service a warm and poignant address was given by Revd Dave Tomlinson. “Ethelburga left behind no great treatise on Christian doctrine…but a legacy of compassion and social justice.  Actually, this…

September 22nd 2018

Guest blog by Bathsheba Wells Dion: The Right to Peace

Justine Huxley


Justine Huxley

If you asked someone to name some of the human rights, peace might not be very high up on the list. They might start with the physical necessities like food and water, intellectual well being such as education or freedom of expression, or maybe those relating to the more obvious results of conflict:…

May 5th 2017

Healing God’s people


Claire Chou Doran

Peter’s Story1 ‘I’m 67 years old and have lived alone since the death last year of both my parents. I never married because for years I belonged to a small home church and so never met a Christian woman of my own age. I hear my neighbours saying mean things…