February 24th 2020

Letters from Deep Adaptation


Mishal Baig

During our last Deep Adaptation retreat, poet and artist, Sukina Douglas led a creative writing workshop. Sukina invited the participants to use creative writing as an instrument to imagine our descendants and the voice of the Earth. The first piece is by Lauren Minis and is written as a letter…

January 27th 2020

Ecological Solidarity and the Deep Adaptation Agenda



A guest blog by activist, writer, and facilitator, Declan D’Arcy. On Friday evening I returned to St Ethelburga’s for the launch of the Radical Resilience programme. The purpose of the programme is to support community leaders to engage with the Deep Adaptation agenda, to find courage and meaning in the…

January 7th 2020

Love in Calais



Guest Blog by Ella Sibley Ella recently participated in Act: Speak: Inspire, a programme of St Ethelburga’s where participants volunteer in Calais and return to the UK to give powerful talks that cultivate empathy and grow their audience’s understanding of displacement and the plight of refugees.  Ella lives in southeast…

November 15th 2019

God as my Compass


Bathsheba Wells Dion

A blog by Jane Morton, Chaplains Coordinator at St Ethelburga’s. This is from a talk given at St Luke’s on 13th October, 2019. I want to float the thought of using God at the heart of my compass. In life. How might that work? In October, we celebrated St Ethelburga’s…